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e Learning Solutions


Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) and e Learning platform, which allows users to create and administer interactive online web courses.



WordPress is an open source content management system. It can be used for blogging, delivering online coures, marketing online courses, and as an e commerce platform.


Totara Learn

Totara Learn is a robust LMS (learning management system) designed specifically for small businesses, corporations and government agencies.  Totara Learn has advanced tracking, reporting and built-in HR functionality.


Zoola Advanced Reporting Options

Zoola lets you easily create drag and drop reports on your Moodle or Totara Learn site and embed your reports on your LMS site.

End User Technical Support

An End User Technical support contract with eClass4Learning will keep your organization running smoothly by ensuring that your end users receive friendly, responsive, high-quality support.

Mahara is an electronic e-portfolio, also known as a digital portfolio. It is a collection of digital projects that are assembled and managed usually on the Internet.


Video Hosting

eClass4learning is a reseller of Eduvision a secure video hosting platform that is compatible with LMS systems.



Learndash is a wordpress plugin with the capability to set up online courses. This program focuses on flexible learning management through a multitude of features that allow customization such as, advanced quizzes, drip-feed content, and multi-tier courses.


eCommerce Solutions

A wide variety of eCommerce Solutions to help you collect payments on your site. Consult with us to find an eCommerce solution that fits your needs.



Salesforce Integration

We have solutions to easily integrate Salesforce to your LMS system to enroll users, record course completion data, and run reports.



K-12 Education

eClass4learning can help your school or district meet today’s learner’s needs. We can assist you with GAFE Rollout services, personalized learning, LMS implementations, ePortfolio implementations, and creating strategic plans for technology to set you up for success.


Higher Education

eClass4learning can help higher education institutions with effectively implementing LMS systems, program review informed by data from your LMS, accreditation and strategic planning, assessment of general ed requirements, assessments of student service areas, student controlled ePortfolios linked your LMS and faculty credential management.


Small Businesses & Corporations

We design supportive systems that address the specific employee competencies needed to improve current performance or to prepare employees for new responsibilities.


Government, Health Care, & Non-Profits

eClass4learning has experience implementing LMS systems to assist employees, members and volunteers, with certifications, course completions, and tracking personal goals. eClass4learning has experience implementing LMS systems to assist employees, members and volunteers, with certifications, course completions, and tracking personal goals.


Professional Development

We provide effective and customized solutions for professional development. Our aim is to improve learning for all users through communication, collaboration, and innovation.


About Us

eClass4learning is your full solution e Learning provider. eClass4Learning efficiently and affordably provides e learning technology solutions for non-profits, associations, government organizations and small businesses and corporations. We understand the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of organizations that are big on ideas but challenged by lean staffing and tight budgets. We maximize efficiency by collaborating with the most knowledgeable subject matter experts (you and your staff) to determine full solutions to your e learning challenges. eClass4Learning helps you expand your reach and improve your e learning outcomes.

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