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A Great Assessment Tool within Moodle: the Rubric

One of my favorite capabilities added with Moodle 2.2 is the ability to evaluate student work or participation using a rubric within Moodle. This is a fantastic Moodle tool for both formative and summative assessment.

The rubric is an advanced grading feature currently associated only with Assignments in Moodle. This can be a little confusing when you first want to take advantage of this feature. The option to use a rubric is an advanced grading option available with assignments rather than a separate Moodle activity. When creating or editing an assignment the rubric can be selected as a grading option in Moodle 2.2 and higher.

A rubric can be created or selected from available rubric templates within Moodle. It is important to note that even when the chosen grading method is the rubric, simple grading is used until either a new rubric is created to use with the assignment or an available rubric template is selected for use with the assignment. Either of these options is available via the Settings block when the Assignment page is displayed. In the screenshot below the Advanced grading menu is turned down.  Clicking on Advanced grading results in a different screen display than clicking on Define rubric as explained in the screenshot shown below:

Moodle Settings Blog











When you click directly on Advanced grading, you will see the following choices in Moodle 2.2:

Moodle Advanced Grading


You do not need to be concerned when modifying a template. Creating a new grading form from an existing template does not change the existing template.

The actual marking process in using the rubric in Moodle is very easy. In the image below, when a teacher clicks on a criterion rating it becomes shaded in green. Teacher comment areas are also shown both following each criterion and a general comment area underneath the rubric. The display and use of these comment areas is optional. When the teacher clicks on Save, the point total for the rubric is automatically calculated. When students view their grades, they have the ability to see the rubric as the teacher sees it.

Moodle Rubric


Although the rubric can only be tied to an Assignment activity in Moodle at this time, there are ways to work around this.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post on how to use a rubric within Moodle to evaluate forum participation.

More articles like this one are available in the Moodle Reference Desk.

Sue Bradtke

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Sue teaches the <a href=""> Moodle Jumpstart Course </a>, <a href="">Creating Effective Flipped Classrooms Course</a>, and <a href="">Differentiation & Assessment in Moodle Course </a> for <a href="">eClass4learning</a>.

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