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UW Madison

As part of its commitment to entrepreneurship within the University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing wanted to start selling some of its outreach courses to two very different external audiences. They originally carried out a pilot study using WordPress and plugins, but realized they needed more funding to make a platform that met their design and function requirements. Therefore, the University of Wisconsin–Madison needed to find an alternative LMS, which would be flexible enough to accommodate their unique requirements while remaining within budget.

“We are very novice customers. We didn’t know the industry language, have never done something like this before. eClass4learning had the patience to explain everything. We never felt bad for asking any questions. eClass4learning held our hands through all of this.”
– Kimberly Nolet, Research Program Manager, UW Madison


Child Resource Center Logo

In a 750-strong workforce with just one person to manage all the training outside departmental processes, Child Resource Center (CCRC) needed a learning management system for two key reasons. Firstly, they needed to provide more access to training for employees, as there were limits to the amount of face-to-face training that could be delivered by one person. Also, with many remote workers, a four-hour round trip to their nearest office for training was not the best use of their time. CCRC needed a more efficient tracking system, particularly for mandatory training requiring refresher sessions each year. This was previously being tracked manually in a spreadsheet, but moving to an automated online system would ensure the process was easier and safer.

“Totara has helped us leap forward in both efficiency and technology. We are now able to provide a greater array of trainings to reach a larger audience. With the different options for delivery, we can cater to different learning styles and scheduling needs, and we can explore courses that have multiple components. We are able to more easily access who has completed mandatory trainings and provide reporting data to the Leadership Team and Board as needed without shuffling through possibly inaccurate spreadsheets.” – Charity Katz, Training & Development Leader

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