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Controlling Language Selected in the User Profile

Controlling Language Settings in Moodle

Moodle is purposefully designed to allow the user in his or her profile to have the ability to override the default language set at a Moodle site.

The languages that by default display in a user’s profile are those that are installed at your site.


To take this choice away from users at your site, an administrator at your site needs to do the following via the Administration block:

Administration > Site Administration > Language > Language Settings


Click on Language settings and the following page will appear:


Locate the option Languages on language menu. By default, no languages are entered here which means that all installed languages will be listed within the user profile. To control that only United States English displays as the user’s choice enter en_US in the box and Save changes:


When this is done, users will only see the following in their profiles. Although preferred language is still part of the user profile, when only one language is listed the ability to control language display has been removed.



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