eClass4learning Online Learning Solutions That Work

Moodle and Totara come with a lot of course authoring tools in the platform. Below are two additional open-source sites that can be added to your Moodle or Totara Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Adapt is an open source course creation tool. The Adapt Framework creates HTML5 e-learning courses. They may be delivered with a web server or a with SCORM compliant learning management system. The Adapt framework powers the Adapt authoring tool, an easy to use design tool for creating Adapt courses. eClass4learning can host this application for you.


H5P is a free, web-based open-source tool for creating easy to share interactive content such as quizzes, matching games and online audio recordings that can be added to your LMS or web page.

Online learning tools include:

• Interactive videos

• Self-directed quizzes

• Image hotspots

• Self-directed quizzes; image hotspots to explore a graphic more thoroughly; interactive presentations that include self-assessment and opportunities to reflect

and more....