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Course Completion Feature in Moodle

Course Completion in Moodle 2.0

Here is a screencast showing a couple of ways of using the new Course Completion feature in Moodle 2.0. If you enable Completion tracking in Site Administration>Advanced features then individual tasks in a course can be marked as complete either manually by the student or automatically based on certain criteria (a grade, a forum post, viewing the resource etc) You can then take this one step further by setting completion tracking criteria for a whole course and choosing the criteria for having a whole course marked as Complete. This again can be done manually by the student (or their teacher) or automatically once students have done specific tasks in the course. You can also include a course prerequisite – whereby a student needs to have officially completed an earlier course before their current course can be checked off as finished.

Required Site and Course Settings for Course Completion

Course Completion is a feature available in Moodle via enabling completion tracking and adding the Course Completion block to your course.

Site Administration>Advanced features>Enable Completion Tracking:

Pic 1 Course Completion

Individual Course Settings

The Course completion block must be added to a course for the student to see required completion elements:

Course Completion









When the Course completion status block initially appears in the course it displays as shown below with the message that “No completion criteria set for this course”.

Course Completion





To set completion criteria, click on Completion tracking in Course Administration (found in the Settings block in 2.1-2.4 and in the Administration block in Moodle 2.5+)

Course Completion










When you click on Completion tracking in Course Administration, the following page opens:


Course Completion
















End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

Sandra Orwig

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