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Creating Quick Links with the HTML Block

One way to make your course easier to navigate is to add quick links or a table of contents via the HTML block.

To create a quick links block:

Creating Quick Links in Moodle





1. Make sure editing is on

2. On the main course page (topics page) go to the block called Add a Block

3. Select the HTML Block

Adding an html block in moodle








4. You should now see a new block above Add Block with title: (new HTML block)

blocks in moodle






5. Click on editing (configuration) tool of the new HTML block and you will be taken to a new screen that should look familiar. It’ s the basic html editor you use in adding labels, creating pages, etc.

If you do step 6, creating the quick links block will be easier:

6. Look at the top of your screen in the bread crumbs. Right click on the short name of your course so that it opens in a new tab. Or, right click on the course name in the Navigation block. (Mac users hold down the control key and click at the same time). You now should have one tab in your browser for editing your HTML block and tab for your main topics page as shown immediately below:

tabs blocks moodle





7. Click on the browser tab that takes you to the main page of the course. On the main page of the course click on the wiki, forum, or journal link that you want to add to quick links.

8. Once you are taken to the new forum page, wiki page, journal page, etc., highlight and copy the URL address of that page.

9. Now click on the browser tab for the html block editing screen. In the html block type the name of the resource (i.e. journal, forum, wiki) and highlight it. Click on the insert/edit URL link icon and paste in the URL. Or, instead of typed text insert a graphic. Once the graphic is inserted highlight the graphic and select the URL link icon and paste in the URL link to the page you are linking to. The graphic/icon will become a clickable link just as text is.

10. Keep repeating this process until you have added all of the quick links you want to.

11. If you would like the easy links block to appear on every page in your course, note the Where this block appears section before you save. At the first choice Page contexts, select from the drop down menu: Display on ‘Your course name will be here’ and any pages within it.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]

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