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Directions for Embedding a Google Presentation

Embedding a Google Presentation in Moodle

1. Open your presentation in Google Docs and locate in the upper right hand corner the share icon.

2. Click on the pull down triangle shape next to the word Share.
Embedding a Google Presentation 1



3. When you click on the triangle, the following menu drops down. Click on Publish/embed.

Embedding a Google Presentation 2
4. When you click on Publish/embed, the following window displays:

5. You will likely embed your presentation in a page (a label would work as well). Edit the page. Click on the HTML Source Editor icon on the bottom row of tools in the HTML editor.

google embed presentation
6. Paste in the embed code in the HTML Source Editor Window that appears and then click Update at the bottom of this window.

google presentation embed
7. After you click on Update, you return to your regular page editor. Save and Display your page with the embedded presentation (slideshow).

End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

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