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Display Videos Within Moodle


Learn How to Display Videos Within Moodle

Moodle LogoThere are many ways to display videos within Moodle.  Your display choices in Moodle via Add a File are shown in the image below.  If you select Force Download, then the student would be able to open the video in Quicktime and resize the video for viewing. You do run the risk of the student not having Quicktime or the version necessary to display the video. This is also a slow way to provide student access to video versus streaming video from an outside source.  When adding a movie file to Moodle in this manner, the way to control its display size is via how you save it or export it prior to uploading to Moodle.

display videos within Moodle

Another way to display videos within Moodle is to embed it from a video source such as YouTube or Vimeo. You may embed video in Resources and Activities such as a label, page, quiz, forum, lesson, etc. When you embed video in this manner, then you do have control over the viewing size. Often you can select the viewing size at the streaming source itself (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr,, etc.) or you can edit the HTML code within the Moodle text editor.

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