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How to Embed a Google Form in Moodle

To embed a Google form in Moodle:

  1. Using Google Documents, create a form, inserting as many questions as you would like.
  2. Select your theme and save the document.
  3. While viewing the form (not the spreadsheet view), under the “More Actions” tab select embed.

embed a google form in moodle


  1. Copy the html code that is displayed.

embed google form in moodle


  1. In your Moodle course, select – Add a Resource – Page
  2. After you title and fill in the description for your page and type any instructions you would like, from the editing options select HTML (you must be in the HTML view BEFORE you paste the embed code).

embed a google form in moodle


While in this HTML mode, paste the embed code you just copied.

embed a google form in moodle


  1. Click the “Update” button and your Google form is embedded.
  2. You may now edit and make corrections to your Google form and the changes will be automatically updated on your Moodle page.
  3. All results from the form are available at your Google Docs account.

This works very well since the students do not have to login to Google docs or have a Google docs account to complete the form.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]

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