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Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Roll-Out Package

What are Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a core suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions for FREE.


GAFE helps engage students by increasing collaboration, writing, sharing and personalizing education for the individual learner.


Video Testimonial: Phil Punzel, principal of  St. Peter’s Lutheran in Appleton, talks about how eClass4learning has helped their school implement GAFE in their school.

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Package Details

IT Set-up & Support

We will provide you with a 3 hour support block for your IT Department in which our experienced Google IT experts can assist you with setting up your Google Education Account and transfer and/or create teacher and student accounts.

Webinar: Planning

One of our consultants will meet with your planning team for a 90 minute webinar to help plan your implementation roll-out.  We will provide tips, strategies, timelines and checklists to assist you with planning your deployment.

Administrator Training

Research shows that administrator buy-in and leadership is key in any technology initiative.  In this one day workshop Administrators will learn how to use Google apps to be more productive, model technology and create collaborative work environments. Administrators will also learn how Google apps can support the improvement of instruction and student achievement through the engagement of students and teachers using 21st century.

Site Administrator Training

This training consists of three one hour trainings to train people in your district to become the Google Site Administrator. You will learn how to customize the Google configuration settings of your account to create a customized learning environment for your learners.

Teacher Professional Development

Below is a sample list of workshops we can provide.  We can align our workshop to your school or district initiatives.

Foundations in Google Apps

In this workshop you will learn how to sign-in and navigate your Google Drive. You will also learn how to create and share the basic Google applications. You will also develop a lesson plan utilizing Google apps for your classroom.


Managing a Chromebook Classroom

Effectively managing a classroom full of devices takes careful planning. This session will focus on practical and time-saving tips to make your technology filled classroom a success from day one. Learning outcomes for this workshop include how to adjust user settings for a customized experience, how to install/uninstall apps and extensions, understanding basic management capabilities of Chromebooks, and exploration of 10 basic management tips.


Promoting Digital Literacy with Google Apps

Today’s learners use technology to collaborate, write, participate, and publish to world-wide audiences.


Google Apps in Mathematics

Learn how to help students become more engaged in learning mathematics through visualizing, creating, and simulating using Chrome Apps like GeoGebra, Desmos, Wolfram Alpha, and the Daum Equation Editor.


Google Classroom

Learn how to set-up your own online or blended classroom. Learn how to electronically assign and collect assignments and give students timely feedback. Post announcements, facilitate online discussions and more.

Conducting Effective Research with Google Research Tools

Students need to learn a host of research-related skills as part of college and career readiness. Research is done because we want to find answers to our questions; questions that we care about. Does this sound like research that is being done in our schools? Let’s look at strategies to infuse interest, note-taking methods that develop student thinking and projects that allow students to share their research information with others. Students need to learn to “read” many sources of information in their research: written words, images, infographics, video, interviews, and web pages. Print and digital, it is a big world of information!


Using Google Forms and Flubaroo

Learn how to grade exit quizzes and exit slips the easy way! The Flubaroo script automatically grades assessments (multiple choice, TF, short answer questions) with just a couple of clicks of your mouse and also provides item analysis and the option to automatically email each student their grade. We’ll also use Socrative during the session to engage participants and show how its use for questioning complements the use of Google Forms especially for formative assessment and to help facilitate peer instruction.