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Gradebook & Checklists Q & A

Gradebook & Checklists Q & A

Here is an example of a great question that was asked in our Moodle Desk Reference.

Q. I have a progress checklist within my course and it is currently assigned 100 points. Is that 100 coming from the total points I have assigned to everything else? I don’t want any points assigned to the checklist but it was difficult to tell if this really was points assigned or just an accumulation of the other assignments.

The point value for any activity is edited on the settings for the activity – in this case the checklist. The checklist seems to by default assign 100 points as its grade value. This 100 points is not the aggregate of scores in your course.

To edit the points view the 2 screenshots below:

Gradebook & Checklist

Gradebook & Checklist

Great question.

After following the steps outlined above you can then change one more setting in the gradebook. If you do not want the checklist to show as an item in the gradebook you can “hide” it.

The steps you follow to do this are:

  1. From the main page of your course use the settings block → select grades
  2. Turn editing on
  3. From the pop-down Grade report menu, select Simple View

Gradebook & Checklist

  1. Once you are in that view (or the Full View) you can use the up and down arrows to rearrange the order of items in the grade book and use the “eye” to close and hide that item in the grade book.

Gradebook & Checklist

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Sandra Orwig

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