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Hosting Solutions


Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) and eLearning platform, which allows users to create and administer interactive online courses.



 WordPress is an open source content management system. It can be used for blogging, delivering online coures, marketing online courses, and as an eCommerce platform.



Totara is an LMS designed specifically for small businesses, corporations and government agencies.

Mahara is an electronic e-portfolio, also known as a digital portfolio. It is a collection of digital projects that are assembled and managed usually on the Internet.


Video Hosting

eClass4learning is a reseller of Eduvision a secure video hosting platform that is compatible with LMS systems.



Learndash is a wordpress plugin with the capability to set up online courses. This program focuses on flexible learning management through a multitude of features that allow customization such as, advanced quizzes, drip-feed content, and multi-tier courses.