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How to Backup or Copy a Section or Sections of a Course

Creating the Backup (Copy) of Course Sections

Backup or Copy a Section or Sections of a Course

Open the course that has the section or sections that you want to copy (backup).

Next use the Administration block to begin the backup (copy) process:  Administration > Course Administration > Backup. The Backup process includes five stages. The first screen that appears provides you with numerous options for Initial settings to use in the backup. Carefully review each option. Depending on your Moodle site you may or may not have permission to backup with enrolled users. In most instances especially when you intend to copy resources, activities and sections from one course to another you do not want to include enrolled users. If you plan on using any quizzes that you have created, be sure to include the question bank. When you have the options selected (or not selected) click on the Next button in the bottom right hand corner.

backup or copy

You will now see a page where you select Schema settings. In this phase of the backup, you select or deselect sections, activities and resources that you wish to backup/copy. If you have a large course and you only plan on making a backup of one or two sections, first click on None by the Select option at the top of the screen. Next select the section(s) and activities and resources within the section or sections that you want to copy/backup. (You must select the section itself and then select the individual activities and resources within it. When you have selected the items you need, click on Next.

backup or copy

The next screen displays Confirmation and review of settings that you have selected for your entire course. If you need to change a selected setting, click on Previous, otherwise click on Perform Backup in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It is highly recommended that you do not change the file name that Moodle provides. If you do change the file name, you must still use the file type identified as .mbz.

Backup or Copy

Once you click on Perform backup you will see the following screen display (this may take a few seconds depending upon how much you have selected to backup):

backup or copy

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