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Adding Labels in Moodle

A label is a way to add text to the content area of your course. Labels can be used to give a quick instruction or to tell users what to click on next.

Labels are the way you can add text to each section of your course. A label may be one word or up to paragraphs long. In labels you may include pictures, text, tables and URLs.

Labels are used to give brief directions or explanations to users.  Often labels direct users to clickable links.

To add a label in Moodle:

1. To add a Label Resource you must be in a course where your User Role is defined as Teacher.

2. You will not be able to add Labels to the Moodle Workshop course because your user defined role is Student.

3. As a Teacher you have editing privileges.  To begin editing you must have editing turned on.

4. There are 2 ways to turn editing on:

A.  Look at the upper right hand corner of the main course page you will see:

labels in moodle

You will need to click that box.   When editing is on it will say:

labels in moodle 2

B.  Use the Settings block.

C.  Select

labels in moodle 3

5. When editing is on you will see the following pull-down menus (located at the bottom of each selection).

labels in moodle 4

6. Click on Add a resource and select Label.

Once you’ve selected Label you will be taken to a screen you can type into.

eClass4learning offers the Moodle Reference Desk, our end user support system for online instructors as they create and teach online courses. It contains numerous easy to follow tutorials created by our instructors. It is a lifeline for course creators and teachers new to Moodle.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]

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