eClass4learning has powerful reporting and analytics solution for Moodle LMS and Totara Learn that helps you use your learning data to improve your course engagement and learning effectiveness.

Embed, Schedule, Share LMS Reports with Ease

LMS Reports

Our report builder has hundreds of ready made reports.

You can drag and drop your elements and put in a block or dashboard for actionable data on your site.

LMS Reporting Features

Interactive LMS Reports

Create Interactive Reports and Dashboards Using Drag and Drop Technology

LMS Audience Dashboards

Create Audience Based Dashboards

LMS Scheduled Reports

Schedule Reports for Key Stakeholders

LMS Report Permissions

Control Who Sees What

LMS Reports from Multiple Sources

Combine Multiple Sources into One Report: xAPI, LRS, SalesForce, etc.

LMS Time Tracking Reports

Time Tracking Reports

LMS Ready Made Reports

Hundreds of Ready Made Reports

LMS Real Time Actionable Reports

Real Time Actionable Data

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