eClass4learning Online Learning Solutions that Work

Motivate Your Staff to Keep Them Engaged in Learning

  • Identify talent, engage individuals and groups via engagement reports.

  • Offer rewards and recognition to contributors

through likes, shares, ratings and more.

  • Enable staff to create content and share knowledge.

  • Provide personalized, relevant learning recommendations to users through machine learning.

  • Create quick surveys for constructive feedback,

which promotes inclusion.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing and Build Knowledge Banks

Totara Engage LXP Playlists
  • Empower subject matter experts to share

knowledge and collaborate on resource creation.

  • Enable users to create their own resource library.

  • Allow users to like, comment on and share

resources created.

  • @tag peers to pull people into conversations

around topics

  • Enable users to collect feedback.

Personalize Learning and Highlight the Right Resources for the Right People

Users and admins can curate a set of resources such as videos,

articles and podcasts into a group of resources known as a playlist.

  • Drag and drop resources in a playlist.

  • Group together related information and support different teams with

different requirements.

  • Leverage internal expertise by adding their resources to playlists.

  • Utilize built in machine learning to provide users with recommendations,

  • related content and relevant playlists.

Totara Engage LXP Personalize Learning

Simplify How Courses Are Displayed and Organize Your Resources

Totara Engage LXP Organize Resources

Access the learning catalog to see all resources

and playlists.

  • Filter by topic, time to read or use the search function.

  • Display informal learning content alongside formal courses to fit various learning needs.

  • Tailor the look and feel of cards displayed.

Enable Your Employees To Find Just-in-Time-Resources

Totara Engage LXP Just-in-Time Resources

Enable public and private workspaces for

collaboration on projects.

  • Allow users to add resources and playlists

to workspaces.

  • Empower users to create, share, like and comment on the resources added.

  • Remove information silos.

Measure Engagement

Totara LXP Track Engagement

Review which resources employees are liking,

commenting on and sharing.

  • Find out which topics are trending.

  • Review user generated content, see what

employees are creating.

  • Jump into workspaces from reports to review


  • Create use reports to find out the areas

in which people need more support.

  • Automate and schedule reports.


Totara Engage LXP Recommend Learning

A recommendations engine for personalized learning identifies users’ key interests, skills and information needs. This data is used to surface personalized content seamlessly within a user’s day-to-day workflows.

  • Enable users to view trending content in their dashboards.

  • Trending content can include resources and playlists.

  • Highlight recommended micro-learning.

  • Highlight workspaces the individual might be

interested in joining.

  • Hide courses and workspaces that individuals

are already taking part in.

Microsoft Team Integration

Totara Engage LXP Find Learning

You can create, curate and collaborate all in the same

digital space without any of the complexities that come

with using a selection of different isolated tools.

Enabling employees to learn in the flow of work.

Within teams you can:

  • Jump into the learning catalogue to find resources and


  • Show users their progress and outstanding learning.

  • Continue with courses.

  • Create and access content and resources.

  • Get notifications

from Totara.

  • Jump straight from a chat to a resource.

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