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Mobile Access in Moodle Mobile

Course Builders/Teachers: Moodle works best on a desktop or laptop computer. Moodle does not function exactly the same on tablets and smart phones. In general, the “higher” the Moodle version, the better your mobile experience will be. It is recommended that course building and editing be done on a desktop or laptop computer.

Moodle Mobile is the Moodle official mobile application for Android and iOs.

Available: in Google Play:


The Moodle Mobile app replaces the old mobile app for iPhone, My Moodle. It requires Moodle 2.4 or above.

Administration Settings to Enable Mobile Access in Moodle Mobile

There are two settings required at the administrative level. Site Administration -> Plugins -> Web Services -> External service (enabled)

my mobile Site Administration -> Appearance -> Theme -> Theme Settings (Enable device detection) my mobile

Allowing the User to Select Theme View via URL in Moodle Mobile

The following admin setting needs to be enabled for a user to change the theme that a site/course displays in on their computer, tablet or phone. (The detect and enable settings for mobile devices still must be set for this to work.) In the Settings block…. Site Administration… Appearance…. Theme Settings:

my mobile Next enable Allow theme changes in the URL by clicking it (Add the check mark). Generic Cialis tadalafil 10 mg in United States available at website.

my mobile

When users access your site, they manually add the following after the hosting site address:


For example at the individual user would enter the URL as

This would now display the site in the MyMobile theme. Note: This works for any other theme as well.

eClass4learning offers the Moodle Reference Desk, our end user support system for online instructors as they create and teach online courses. It contains numerous easy to follow tutorials created by our instructors. It is a lifeline for course creators and teachers new to Moodle.

Sandra Orwig

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