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How to Create Moodle Badges

Moodle Badges

Badges are new in Moodle 2.5+ . Badges are a great way to motivate users. They are an electronic way to demonstrate that you have mastered a specific skill. Moodle badges may be awarded based on a variety of criteria chosen by the teacher. You can upload your own images as badges or get them from a site such as Badges for Your Moodle.

Moodle Badges
There are two categories of badges:

• Site badges – available to users site-wide and related to the site wide activities, like finishing a set of courses.
• Course badges – available to users enrolled in the course and related to the activities that happen inside the course.

Site Badges

Badges should be enabled by default in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features and can be managed from Administration>Site administration>Badges>Manage badges.

The available criteria for awarding site badges are:

• Finishing a course or a set of courses with a minimum grade or by a certain date
• Completing a number of fields in the user account profile
• Issued manually by a specific role (Such as a teacher, or a site wide departmental assessor)

To enable badges at the site level Administration>Site administration>Badges>Badges settings.
To enable teachers awarding badges at the course level go to Administration>Course administration>Badges>Managing badges.

Course Badges

Teachers in a course cannot by default access site badges unless they have been given a system role with badge managing capabilities.
Course level Badges offer a slightly different set of criteria namely:

• Finishing the course (aka Course Completion)
• Completing an activity
• Or Manually issued by a role (such as teacher)

Once the course is built with whatever activities that are to be completed and the completion tracking for the course has all been set up and defined, then the teacher can add a badge. First you add the badge name, description and image, then you configure the criteria to be used, and finally you enable the badge.

A teacher is then able to look at the badges in a course and the recipient list of who earned the badge and when they received it.

Managing your Badges
Users may manage their site and external badges by clicking on Navigation>My profile>My badges.  From here, they can view, search for and download badges.

The Backpack
Users can collect open badges from many organizations and then package them together to provide a full picture of their skills. Badges are designed to work with Mozilla Open Badges.

When you upload a badge to the Openbadges site you are adding it to your backpack, which is the general area you put your badges in.

Badges can be organized into collections. You can choose which to display on your Moodle profile.

Tammy Frame

[email protected]

Dr. Frame is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of eClass4learning.


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