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Moodle Outcomes

Setting up Moodle Outcomes

What are Moodle Outcomes?


Moodle Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student has demonstrated and understood at the completion of an activity or course. Each Moodle outcome is rated by a scale. Other terms for outcomes are “Competencies or Goals”.

In simple terms outcomes are similar to sub components of a grade. A grade is an assessment of overall performance that may include tests, participation, attendance and projects. Outcomes assess specific levels of knowledge through a series of statements. Thus an overall grade can be given for a course, along with statements about specific competencies in the form of outcomes.


How are Moodle Outcomes Different than Moodle Competencies?


Both Moodle Outcomes and Moodle Competencies measure learning beyond courses.

What makes Moodle Outcomes are different than Moodle Competencies is that Moodle Outcomes are integrated into the gradebook.

Moodle Competencies can be tied to individual learning plans. Users can also upload artifacts to show evidence of prior learning.

When considering whether to use Moodle Outcomes and/or Moodle Competencies consider your purpose.

Do you want to give more feedback to learners on specific outcomes tied to an assignment? Then you might want to use Moodle Outcomes.

Do you want to track competencies over several courses and give students different pathways to acquire and demonstrate knowledge? Then Moodle Competencies might be a good choice for you.


Enabling Outcomes on Your Moodle Site


To enable outcomes to be used in any course on your site:

  1. Go to Site administration > Advanced features
  2. Tick the Enable outcomes checkbox
  3. Save changes


Adding Standard Moodle Outcomes


An administrator can add standard outcomes, which are available site-wide, in Site administration > Grades > Outcomes. Multiple standard outcomes can be added using the import outcomes functionality.


Adding Course Level Outcomes


To add a course-level outcome:

  1. Click the ‘Edit outcomes’ link in Course administration > Outcomes
  2. Click the ‘Add a new outcome’ button
  3. Complete the form then click the ‘Save changes’


Adding Outcomes to Activities


Click on the Edit button next to the activity. Go to “Outcomes”. Use the pull-down menu to choose the outcome you want to attach to the activity. Save changes.


Running an Outcomes Report


The outcomes report in Course administration > Grades > Outcomes report helps teachers monitor their students’ progress using outcomes. It lists site-wide outcomes and custom outcomes used in the current course, their overall average. It will show the name, course and site wide average, the activity, the average values and the number of “grades” given.

The outcomes report is a table with 6 columns:

  • Short name – the short name of the outcome used in this course.
  • Course average -shows two values representing the average scores given to students for each outcome used in this course.
  • Site-wide – Whether the outcome is a site-wide outcome or not.
  • Activities – This lists the activities that use this outcome in this course. A new row is created for each activity, and the activity name is linked to the activity’s page.
  • Average – the average score for each activity using the outcome in this course.
  • Number of Grades – The number of grades given to students for each activity using the outcome.


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