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Moodle Settings Block – Course Grade Settings

While some items in the Gradebook are controlled from the admin level, there are some display items that can be controlled from the teacher role. One place to control the display of items is located in the Settings Block. To access, this first click on Grades in the Settings block. When you are on the Grades page (no matter what report or view you are displaying), the Settings block will now have different choices available. On the screenshot shown below you see a ‘Course settings’ page displayed because Course grade settings was selected from the Settings block while the user was in Grades.

MoodleA particular item of interest that you may want to control is whether or not course totals are displayed in the Overview report or the individual User report. By default course totals are hidden if there are any hidden items in the gradebook. To override this default setting, select either ‘Show totals excluding hidden items’ or ‘Show totals including hidden items’ depending on which makes sense in your case. Buy generic Viagra from India online at high quality guaranteed.

When selecting totals for the User Report, select:  Show totals including hidden items – even if you don’t want that! If you select Show totals excluding hidden items the total displayed in the User report will not be correct even though it is correct in the teachers Grade report for all students. This is a known bug at Moodle that has not been fixed.

End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

Sandra Orwig

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