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Navigation Block in Moodle: Teacher Tip for Grading Student Forum Posts

Moodle Hints & Tips: Navigation Block

Helpful Moodle TipBoth teachers and students can benefit from this tip. As a student it can become easy to lose track of forum posts that you have made. To see all of your own posts displayed in chronological order use the Navigation block. Click on My Profile in the Navigation block. Listed underneath My Profile will be Forum Posts. Click on Forum Posts and then click on Posts. After you click on Posts, a new page will be displayed with all of the posts that you have made.

As a teacher, it can be very difficult to grade students’ forum posts once students have started responding to each other. Again use the Navigation block. Locate My Courses and click on it. Underneath the name of the course find and click on Participants. A new page will display with all of the course participants listed. Click on an individual participant and that participant’s profile will display. In the Navigation block you will also see that participants’ name now individually listed. Click on Forum Posts shown underneath the participant’s name. Then click on Posts. After you click on Posts, a new page will be displayed with all of the posts that the student has made. The posts will not be sorted by forum, but you will see the forum name of each post. When you click on Discussions, you will see only initial posts that a student has made.

Navigation Block Moodle










In the above image, the student’s personal profile image has been grayed-out.  The screenshot shows the student’s personal profile page. That student’s name is also displayed in the Navigation block. Click on the collapsed menu title Forum posts and you will see links to posts and discussions.

End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

Sandra Orwig

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