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Getting the right software for your organization is somewhat important. However, what really matters is getting the right company who has the necessary expertise to support you.

eClass4learning has successfully onboarded hundreds of clients and provided them with phenomenal support as they grow and change over time.

eLearning Onboarding Services

Our Onboarding Support Specialists will Guide You Every Step of the Way. Saving Your Organization Time, Money, and Frustration

How it Works:

1.) You will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Specialst to walk you through every step of the process.

2.) You will be asked to fill out a needs inventory to help us build a custom implementation plan for your organization.

3.) We will set-up virtual kick off meeting with your dedicated Onboarding Specialist to review the Implementation plan and timelines.

4.) Weekly virtual check-in meetings are scheduled with the implementation team. In these meetings we will consult with you and teach you how to manage what we have configured and set-up for you. These sessions are recorded.

5.) We will set-up a course in your LMS where we add recordings and other documentation so that future administrators in your organization can also access the training.

6.) Throughout the onboarding process we will be co-writing use-case scenarios with you. The final step of the process is to invite stakeholders to test out the use-case scenarios.

7.) We also assist with creating onboarding materials to share with your end-users to introduce them to the your new learning system.

Ongoing Technical Support Plans

Different levels of support for every organization's needs.

Free Community Support

Free Community Support

  • Free online help portals

  • How-to documentation

  • eClass4learning help articles

  • Online community forums

Pay as You Go Plan

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

  • Pay per hour

  • Utilize eClass4learning help desk, phone, and email support M-F 7am-7pm CT

  • Can also be used for end-user support

  • Support specialists are on-call after hours

  • Perfect for organizations with a small IT staff

  • Includes free online community support.

Annual eLearning Support Plan

Annual Support Plan

  • Pay an annual fee for a set number of hours per month that can be used for tech support, additional training or consulting

  • Utilize eClass4learning help desk, phone, and email support M-F 7am-7pm CT

  • Support specialists are on-call after hours

  • Includes free online community support

Enterprise eLearning Support Plan

Enterprise Plan

  • Unlimited support

  • Dedicated support 24x 7 x 365

  • Real-time up-time monitoring

  • Includes free online community support