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Part 2 Portfolios in Moodle: Converting HTML portfolio content export to a PDF

Portfolios in Moodle

Currently, export of a whole discussion from a forum in Moodle is available only as HTML representation. If you would like a PDF copy, the following method is suggested:

Click on the discussion thread to be exported. In this instance the following discussion will be exported. (Screenshot shows discussion with some portions cut from the screenshot to keep display size in this example reasonable!) The discussion was selected since it contains both text and images.

Portfolio 1

When Export whole discussion is enabled, the following screen appears:


When you select HTML with attachments and click Next, you will see the following screen:

Portfolio 3

When you click on Continue, the export will download to the default location for downloads on your device:

Portfolio 4

To view the discussion as a pdf, do the following. Open the discussion.html file in a browser. For example in Chrome, File…Open File and select discussion.html. Tramadol online 100 mg at trusted Tramadol pharmacy.

Here is a portion of what will appear:


Both images and text are represented in the HTML file that has been opened in the browser. However, there are some random characters that display as highlighted in the sample above. The screenshot below shows that encoding of Wester (ISO-8859-1) was used to display the file:

Portfolio 7

To eliminate these characters, select the encoding device of Unicode (UTF-8). In Chrome… View…Encoding…Unicode (UTF-8)


The file will now display without the random characters. To convert the file that is displaying as a web page in your browser to a pdf file select, File… print and save the file as a pdf.

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Sandra Orwig

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