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Portfolios: Exporting Whole Discussion Content from a Forum

Exporting Whole Discussion Content from a Forum

It is possible to export content from forum posts and discussions. Forum content is exported via the Portfolio feature of Moodle.

Required site admin settings:

Enabling portfolios

Enabling the use of portfolios in Moodle is a 2-step process for a site administrator:

Check the enableportfolios box in Administration > Site administration > Advanced features

enabling portfolios

Enable selected portfolio plugins in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Portfolios > Manage portfolios

enabling portfolios

The Manage portfolios screenshot (shown immediately above) shows portfolio options (Box, Flickr, Google Drive, Picassa, Mahara ePortfolio) to export forum content. The first listed option is File download and in this screenshot is the only enabled choice. When File download is enabled a user who has permission to export whole forum content will see the option to export whole discussion content listed above a discussion.

*** The options listed below File download are portfolio options that may be enabled for a user to select.

Permission to export a discussion is granted via: Capabilities/mod/forum:exportdiscussion. This capability is allowed for the default roles of manager, teacher and non-editing teacher.

In the sample forum screenshot below, the option to Export whole discussion is shown in the upper left-hand side above the discussion thread:

enabling portfolios

In this instance no options for “file download” are shown since the only option enabled at the site for the Reference Desk is File Download.

When Export whole discussion is clicked on the following screen appears:

enabling portfolios

Currently the only available export formats for a whole discussion are HTML with attachments or Leap2A portfolio format. Please note that the following documentation about export formats is either confusing or misleading:

enabling portfolios

As a user the only options for export of the whole discussion that are presented are HTML with attachments and and LEAP2A. The listing of Images, Text and File indicate that both text and images are part of the export. File means that you can save the HTML export to a location of your choice rather than meaning you have a number of file type choices. HTML with attachments or the the API protocol LEAP2A are the only file type choices currently available in Moodle for export of whole discussion content. Best place for buy Cialis online is Caladrius website

If at your site you have enabled other portfolios underneath File download in Manage portfolios, you will see a slightly different configuration above the discussion thread as shown below:

enabling portfolios

The File download option refers to available portfolio types to export the whole discussion to. It does not mean the choice of a file type as shown in the screenshot below. In the screenshot below File download and Google Drive have been enabled as options at the site administration level.

enabling portfolios

Please note, if one file download option is enabled in Manage portfolios, the File download button will not appear as an option above the discussion.

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