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Receiving an Error Message When Adding a User to Moodle

Error Message When Adding a User

This is generally a browser-related issue. If you have saved your user log-in and password when you log-in, your browser is using the auto-fill feature to populate the username and password fields.  You will need to disable any usernames/passwords that is saved in passwords auto-fill within your browser that are associated with the log-in to your Moodle site.

For example in Chrome, you would edit autofill entries and delete any that are associated with your Moodle site. (If you have a test student account or test teacher account saved you must delete those as well; otherwise, they will be displayed when you try to enter a new user even though you have deleted your own log-in. Once you’ve deleted these do not let your browser save your username and password when you log-in or if you do save just delete your user info from your browser when entering new users. To buy generic Viagra on this site provides great discounts and free delivery to your home.

error message

The URL for how to edit Autofill entries in Chrome is

eClass4learning offers the Moodle Reference Desk, our end user support system for online instructors as they create and teach online courses. It contains numerous easy to follow tutorials created by our instructors. It is a lifeline for course creators and teachers new to Moodle.

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