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Resource Page: Embedding Audio in Moodle

Audio Support Resources:  Embedding Audio in Moodle

If you are interested in embedding audio in Moodle only in your course, check out Audacity. This is a free audio recording tool that offers nice editing features but is still very easy to use. Audacity does need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. It is available for both Mac and PC users.

Audacity does not save in an audio format that can be embedded in a web page including a Moodle page. To embed your audio recording (rather than having it open up in a separate page) you need to download additional software.

“Because of patent considerations, Audacity cannot ship with a built-in encoder to export MP3 files, but is able to use the third-party LAME encoder. This page explains how to download and install the correct LAME encoder for your system, and outlines the legal issues surrounding LAME encoding patents.”

The newest version of Quicktime also allows you to easily record audio. However, you still need to use another app to save your file in MP3 format. A free audio converter to use is Switch. After downloading Switch, you basically add the .mov file you created in Quicktime to Switch and then push a convert button. Insert it.

embedding audio in moodle

WavePad-Audio Editing Softward for Macs
Here is another audio recording and editing option that is free for personal/non-profit use. It is only free for Mac users. The advantage of this product is that it will convert your audio files to MP3 format that can be embedded in Moodle. (Note: after 30 days of use you will get a message that the “professional” version is no longer active, you may continue to use the product with most of the key features still available.) WavePad Audio Editing Software

How to insert the mp3 file. After you have selected the software of choice, record your audio file, save (or convert as needed) to mp3 and then in a any text box (forum, label, page etc.) type text, highlight the text, chose link, upload the file. The highlighted text disappears and the mp3 file is inserted.

eClass4learning offers the Moodle Reference Desk, our end user support system for online instructors as they create and teach online courses. It contains numerous easy to follow tutorials created by our instructors. It is a lifeline for course creators and teachers new to Moodle.


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