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Restore a Moodle Course From a Backup

To Restore a Moodle Course from Backup

Step One:  You must first have a backup copy of your course.  Note it is best to restore courses to similar versions of Moodle.  You can restore V1.9 to V2.1 but not to V2.0.  You must be in a course, usually you want a blank course to start with, you will have to request this from your Moodle administrator,  if you backed up “part” of a course you may restore that into an existing course.  READ this entire page before you restore!

Restore Moodle Course 1







Step Two:  Select Settings – Restore

Step Three:  Locate your backup file, either from an external location or from your private backup area.

Restore Moodle Course 2





Step Four:  Continue to confirm your backup details.

Restore Moodle Course 3




Step Five:  You must now choose the type of restore.  This initially may appear confusing.  There are 3 types of restore with 3 distinct continues buttons.  The continue button you click determines the location of the restore.

You may Restore as a totally new course. (This will create a new course).

Restoring Moodle Course 4



You may Restore into the current course you are in.  (This is a nice way to combine elements from other courses, be very careful so that you do not over write any existing topics).

Restore Moodle Course 5





At this time you may locate and restore into a different existing course (once again be very careful to locate the correct course and to not over write existing topics).

Restoring a Moodle Course 6







Clicking Continue under the selected method will determine where the restore happens.

Carefully follow the Confirmation steps along the way to complete the restore process.  It is strongly encouraged that you backup any course before you Merge or Delete the contents.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]

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  • Posted at 11:58 pm, June 26, 2015 Appreciate you sharing, great post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

    Appreciate you sharing, great post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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