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The Choice Activity Feature in Moodle

The Choice Feature in Moodle

What is Choice?

Choice is a one question activity in Moodle.  It is can be used to obtain feedback from your student’s about a course topic or activity. You can only ask one question and it must be in a multiple choice format.

Activity Chooser:

choice activity

Choice settings:

choice activity

Viewing Choice Results

Shown below is a screenshot of options that the teacher can select when creating a Choice activity and selecting display options:

choice activity

This is a view the student will see when show results anonymously is selected. The teacher will also see this view when clicking on the Choice activity. Only after clicking on the View 25 responses (of course the number varies!) in the upper right hand corner will the results with students identified be shown as in the 2nd diagram displayed below:

Choice 3

This is the view the teacher will see when clicking on the option to view responses. (User names other than the instructors have been blocked for this illustration.)

choice activity

Sample of Choice Activity

choice activitychoice activity

The above Choice activity is set to display student responses anonymously. You will need to select a choice (participate) before seeing these results. In your own course as an instructor you would be able to see Choice results as students see the results and the choice each student made.

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Sandra Orwig

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