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Tips for Posting to a Discussion Forum

Step 1: Read the discussion forum question: Read the discussion forum topic. Keep this in mind as you do the week’s readings and be thinking about how you might want to respond.

Step 2: Do the required readings: Do the required readings for the week before you do your initial post.  Take notes. Highlight your text on things that are interesting to you. Take notes in a word doc on things that you might want to comment on in your post to the discussion forum.

Step 3: Make your initial post: Write a thoughtful response to this week’s question. Often I write my initial posts in Microsoft Word first. Then I re-read it check for spelling/grammar etc. and then cut and paste into the discussion forum. Make your initial post early in the week, so others will have a chance to respond to it. Also write a good subject line that will grab people’s attention.  You are more likely to get people to read and respond to your post this way.

Step 4:  Respond to colleagues:  Later in the week revisit the forum and respond to at least two other colleagues. Often I skim all of the posts to the discussion forum and decide on which ones I might have something to contribute. Add a resource, a thought provoking question, or share an experience that moves the conversation forward and deepens the learning for the group.

Tammy Frame

Dr. Frame is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of eClass4learning.

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