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Tips & Tricks for Using Blogs in Moodle

Using Blogs in Moodle Tips & Tricks

All users have the ability to comment on blogs.

Users also have the ability to create “Associations” via the Blog Menu block.

Blogs in Moodle


You may or may not have a blogging option in your Moodle course.  This is set at the site admin level.

blogs in moodleIf you are able to blog, you may do that via My Profile in the Navigation block.

Blogs are not an Activity.

Blogs belong to the individual user rather than an individual course.

When a user posts in a blog, it is available site wide – not just within a course.


Blogs in Moodle 3


This could be an issue when there are many different age levels site wide.

There are actually 3 “publish to” options depending on site admin settings.

blogs in moodle

Teachers do mot control whether or not students can blog.  That is controlled at the admin level.

Blogs in Moodle 5However, teachers can add the block:  blog menu.

This blog menu block provides the option for a user to associate blogs with a course or resource/activity within a course. Buy cheap Lasix online from in US.

The blog menu block at the right on a wiki page.

Association choices depend on the course page a user is viewing.

In the example at the right, the user has these options when on the main course page (topics page) of a course.

Association choices depend on the course page a user is viewing.

Blogs in Moodle 6In the example at the eight, the user is on a wiki page in the course.  The user has 2 ways to associate a blog entry from the blog menu block.

Option to associate with course or module pages when saving blog entry.  This again depends on the page you are on and if the entry was created via the blog menu block or My Profile.

Blogs in Moodle 7

A user will not see the Associations options if s/he created the blog via My Profile.

These blogs associations can be very confusing to users.

Blogs in Moodle 8If a user has associated a blog with a resource or activity, it will not appear if the user tries to view it by selecting view all entries for this course.

When a user edits a blog via the Blog Menu in a course, the blog will also automatically become associated with the course if the vlog is edited on a different page that it is originally associated with.

Blogs in Moodle 9

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