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Tips for Using Rubrics

Rubrics are only available beginning with Moodle version 2.2. Rubrics are not an activity in Moodle. You will not find rubrics listed under either the drop-down Resource or Activity Menu when you are editing your course.

Rubrics are assessments that are a grading option on Assignments. You can only select a rubric when you are editing the settings of an Assignment. Rubrics may be associated with other activities in future versions of Moodle.

Tips for Using Rubrics

1. I can’t find “Rubric” as an activity at my Moodle site:

A rubric is not a separate activity. It can only be created when you either create an Assignment activity or edit an Assignment Activity. Rubrics currently in Moodle 2.2 are only associated with assignments.

2. Moodle developers have a philosophy that there should always be a 0 rating for work that does not meet a criterion. This means the following:

Use a “0” rating as part of your rubric. If you do not, Moodle will convert the lowest ranking you assign to 0. If you have 3 criteria each having the lowest rating of 1 and you assign a 1 for each criterion, when the final grade is calculated Moodle will assign a 0. This will be very confusing for students and likely yourself when you see the final assigned total score for the rubric. (This actually was reported as a bug in Moodle Tracker at resulting in a reply that it’s not a bug but the way scoring is supposed to work. If interested check this out at Bug on Assignment Grading with rubric – Moodle Tracker. -If you are really interested in the rubric scoring issue, check out the following discussion on rubric development at .

This can be frustrating if you have a philosophy of not using a 0 rating. The work-around is to always have a 0 rating in your scale, but obviously don’t use it. You can enter something such as “not applicable” for students to see since each rating level must have text entered.

3.  I most frequently use a rubric when grading forum posts. I’d like to use a rubric in Moodle to do that but the Forum is not an Assignment Activity.

When you create the Forum, set the rating to no ratings as shown in the image below:

tips for using rubrics

When you choose no ratings the Forum Activity does not appear in the gradebook. Next add an offline assignment to your course and place this assignment in a section that remains hidden in your course. Make sure the section is hidden but that the offline assignment is visible. Students will not see the offline assignment in a hidden section, but Moodle will see that it is visible and will add it to the gradebook. Title the offline assignment with the name you used for the forum.

The visible assignment/hidden section is shown below:

tips for using rubrics

When you create this offline assignment, select rubric as the grading method as shown in the image below:

tips for using rubrics

Now you can either create or use a rubric you’ve already entered to grade the forum activity.

4. Create the rubric outside of Moodle exactly as you want it. It will be much easier to create outside of Moodle and then enter the rubric in Moodle by copying and pasting. Once you create the rubric (for example to use for grading online discussion), you will be able to reuse the rubric with each forum. –Unfortunately there currently is not an import option for rubrics.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]

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