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Totara LMS Checklist


Totara LMS is a ‘distribution’ of Moodle, the world’s top open-source Learning Management System. With over 68 million users and over 7 million courses with 1.2 million plus teachers, Moodle is by far the most successful online learning system in the world. Based on the open source Moodle backbone, Totara LMS extends Moodle’s strengths to provide training, performance management, and personnel management for enterprise-level businesses. Recent examples in government and financial services have shown that confidence in and commitment to open source platforms is rapidly increasing.

A lot of our clients ask us for help in deciding if the Totara LMS is right for them. Below is a Totara LMS Checklist made up of questions we have created to help clients through the decision making process. If you answer yes to one or more of the questions, Totara may be a good choice for you.

Totara LMS Checklist

Tracking Individualized Learning Plans

  1. Do learners need to have individual learning plans?
  2. Do learners need to print their own transcripts and show evidence of learning?
  3. Do you need an event management system that allows learners to book trainings, manage wait-lists, and track attendance?

Performance Management

  1. Do you need to develop talent in succession planning?
  2. Do you have organizational and personal goals that you would like to track progress on?
  3. Do you need a platform to efficiently deploy and gather 360⁰ Feedback across your organization?

Manager Dashboards

  1. Do you have supervisors and managers that need to see employee progress on learning plans in an easy to see dashboard or reporting system?


  1. Do you have specialized reports that various people across your organization need to have access to?
  2. Do you need regular reports automatically run and sent to key leaders in your organization?
  3. Do you need to create customizable dashboards for key members in your organization to stay informed and receive timely data?

Competencies and Organizational Roles

  1. Do you have a variety of roles and permissions that need to be set-up in the system?
  2. Do you need a system that can map to the hierarchical structure of your organization (i.e. Departments, regions, positions, groups, audiences)?
  3. Do you need to assign and track specific job related competencies across your organization?

Program Management

  1. Do you need to create programs, certifications and track pre-requisites or group or sequence sets of courses?
  2. Do you need to set-up automatically reoccurring courses or certifications and have the system automatically enroll the correct individuals?
  3. Do you need to automatically assign programs, training, and certifications to specific groups, positions, departments, audiences in your organization?
  4. Does the system need to generate online certificates that can be printed out based on certain conditions that have to be met and are tracked through the system?

User Management and Course Enrollment Capabilities

  1. Do you need the system to Sync with your existing HR system?

If you answered yes to any of the above  Totara LMS Checklist questions Totara may be a good fit for your organization.

For a complete list of Totara Features Visit our        totarabutton

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Tammy Frame

[email protected]

Dr. Frame is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of eClass4learning.

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