The Totara Talent Experience Platform comprises of three powerful solutions to help you build a better workplace, increase your resilience and prosper in today's fast changing world.

Learn More about the New Talent Experience Platform (TXP):

  • Totara Learn - the very latest version of Totara's learning management system (LMS) with new graphical reporting, multi-tenancy, a new mobile app and more.

  • Totara Perform - a continuous performance management system with enhanced appraisals, check-ins, and competencies plus a whole host of other tools to help improve employee performance.

  • Totara Engage - learning in the flow of work with our new user-centric learning experience platform (LXP).

The transformational Learning Management System (LMS) trusted by millions of learners worldwide. Replaces the limitations of the traditional LMS with an adaptable and extendable enterprise solution to meet your exact requirments.

In this Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Knowledge sharing is made easy with collaborative workplaces facilitating social learning and driving deep employee engagement across your organization.

Totara preform allows you to create evidence based preformance reviews, get an objective view of employee performance and quickly identify and close skill gaps to ensure your organization remains competitive.

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