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Two options for enabling user view of the MyMobile Theme

MyMobile Theme for Moodle

Two options for enabling user view of the MyMobile Theme

Note: The MyMobile theme has been removed from Moodle versions 2.6 and higher.

The MyMobile theme is designed to make a Moodle course easier for students to use on either smart phones or tablets. It is also possible to edit a course using this theme; however, there is not a turn editing on button on the main course page. To make editing changes you must first access the resource or activity and then use the settings block to select editing that is associated with that resource or activity.

There are two ways for Moodle administrators to provide access to the My Mobile theme. One way the user displays the MyMobile theme by directly editing the URL in his or her browser the other way automatically displays the site/course in the MyMobile theme.

One way (administrative steps shown below) assumes that users of mobile devices will want to view a site and courses in the My Mobile theme. When the steps below are followed the MyMobile theme will automatically be displayed on a user’s smartphone or tablet. Once the detect and enable settings have administratively been set, the My Mobile theme can be chosen to automatically display for users when they access the site via a mobile device:

Settings Block…Site Administration…Appearance….Themes…Theme Selector:

MyMobile Theme

Scroll down the theme selector page until you see Device type mobile and click on Select theme. (This will not change the theme display for desktop and laptop computers.)

MyMobile Theme

Once you click on Select theme you will see all the themes selected. Scroll through the list and click on MyMobile Use theme.

Mobile Themes 3

Follow these same steps to select the MyMobile Theme for tablets.

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