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How to Un-Enroll or Suspend a User in Moodle

How to Un-enroll Users from a Course

By default a user with the role of administrator or teacher, can un-enroll users from a course in Moodle.

With existing users probably the easiest method to un-enroll users is to do the following:

1. Log-in to the course that you want to un-enroll existing users.

2. Click on Administration > Course Administration > Users > Enrolled Users

3. You will see the following similar screen appear:

Un-enroll a user in Moodle


Click on the x that appears in the far-right column for any user that you want to un-enroll from the course.  In the example above, it shows users who were enrolled with Manual enrolments. No matter the enrolment type you will see an x that allows you to delete the user from the course.

This method allows you to delete the user from the course without having to change their password and e-mail. The user remains enrolled at your site but will no longer be able to access the course.

To suspend a user: 

By default an admin has the ability to suspend a user – not a teacher. Learn here about Ultram 100 mg side effects.

  1. Access the profile of the user that you are going to suspend.  (When a user is suspended he or she is suspended from all courses.) You may access the profile of a user from site administration or course administration.
  2. Once you have displayed the profile of the individual user: Settings > Profile settings for “user’s name”  > Edit profile.  You will see the Edit profile screen with the option to suspend the user:

Suspend User1 in Moodle


  1. Enter a tick mark in Suspended account and Update profile.
  2. When the time period of suspension has passed, re-edit the profile and remove the tick mark from Suspended account.

When a user is suspended, access to courses is denied at the site level. The users name will still appear in the grade book and his or her data remains intact

End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

Sandra Orwig

[email protected]


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