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University of Wisconsin Case Study Proves Success

The University of Wisconsin’s Nursing Program is known for its research and world-class education. In order to further develop their educational standing, they decided to target two different audiences in order to boost connectivity and prospective students. The two audiences they decided to focus on were their University’s Geri-Res and eSchoolCare programs.


According to the University of Wisconsin, “[they] had two sets of courses in a web-based system that was not a true LMS, and were tracking registration using spreadsheets.” The case study goes on to explain their needs. “…all credit card transactions on the e-commerce platform needed to happen on the University’s CashNet system, which was a mandatory technical requirement. The LMS needed to provide e-commerce and bulk license management capabilities for different organisations. As well as this, some of the existing content had been created in Flash, and therefore did not work on mobile devices, posing a challenge to an organisation wanting to deliver more mobile content to learners.”


With their goal in mind, they found that they needed a flexible, affordable, and responsive learning management system. eClass4learning proved to offer exactly what they needed to deliver specialized content to their audiences and drive new prospects to their programs, through a customized Totara LMS package.


“We are very novice customers. We didn’t know the industry language, have never done something like this before. eClass4learning had the patience to explain everything. We never felt bad for asking any questions. eClass4learning held our hands through all of this.”
– Kimberly Nolet, Research Program Manager, UW Madison



Take a look at the work we’ve done with the nursing program at the University of Wisconsin and their success.



View the Case Study




University of Wisconsin-Madison Case Study

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Geri Res program system



eSchoolCare program at the University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin’s eSchoolCare program system page




Tammy Frame

[email protected]

Dr. Frame is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of eClass4learning.

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