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Using Templates In Mahara

Using Mahara Templates

An electronic portfolio or ePortfolio is a generic term encompassing as wide a range of types and products as there are reasons for using them.

Mahara TemplateThe simplest starting point is to consider an ePortfolio as an extension of the paper based-portfolio, bringing with it the obvious benefit of making a portfolio of evidence portable and shareable anywhere that you have Internet access – “the new generation of the three ring binder.”

You can build ePortfolio templates in Mahara for your users to copy.

Pages and collections can be offered as templates to other users. They can be copied, or institution and site administrators can have them added automatically into the portfolio area of new users.

Templates are used to jumpstart the collection of content and the creation of portfolios.

These templates provide your user with layout and content that they need to complete, instead of starting with a blank ePortfolio.

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We recommend building templates with instructional cues in them, which can include: question prompts for reflection, descriptions of what kinds of content can be placed in certain areas, etc.

To create an ePortfolio template for your users, first create the ePortfolio in Mahara. Then, share the ePortfolio with your Group and allow it to be copied. Here are the specific steps:

To create the ePortfolio template:

1. Login to Mahara.

2. Click on the Portfolio Tab.

3. Click on the Create Page button.

4. Enter a title for the template.

5. Click the Save Button.

6. Then begin building the template by choosing the layout, dragging blocks onto the page, filling those blocks with instructional cue and/or mock-content and saving often.

Note: You may also want to create folders of content via the Content Tab and place links to those folders or files in your template. Then, when users copy your template, they will receive copies of the files/folders in their own Content Area.

The same idea applies to placing Journals in a template…users will receive a copy of the journal when they copy the template, etc.

To enable your template to be shared and copied:

1. LogMahara Templatein to Mahara.

2. Click on the Portfolio Tab.

3. Click on the Share sub-tab (in grey).

4. Locate your template and click on the Edit Access button.

5. Click on the Add Button to the left of your User Group name.

Note: Alternatively, you can share the template with individual users via the Share with Other Users and Groups list. You can share BOTH with individuals and groups, if need be.

6. Once you add an individual or group you will see them listed on the right-side of the share page. Note that you can set specific date ranges for users for sharing.

7. Then, click to expand the Advanced Options area.

8. Make sure that the Allow Comments, Moderate Comments, Allow Copying and Retain View Access check-boxes are checked!

Note: When Moderate Comments is active, when viewers leave comments on an ePortfolio page, the owner of the ePortfolio will be notified of the comment and have the option of making it public, or keeping it private. When Retain View Access is active, any share settings will apply when a user copies the template.

9. Lastly, click on the Save Button to record your changes.

10. You have now created an ePortfolio template and set it for sharing and copying.

Using a Mahara Template is an ideal tool for meeting the needs of established and emerging pedagogy and approaches to learning.

Templates work as a user-centred, personalized learning space allowing the user to shape the way they present themselves to the world. Content and layout can be personalized to create multiple Views which meet the specific, differing or changing requirements of the user.

Connie Jaeger

[email protected]

Connie Jaeger is the Director of Moodle Professional Development for <a href="">eClass4learning.</a>

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