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Using the Workshop Tool In Moodle

The Moodle Workshop Tool

Moodle has a great tool for peer assessment: the workshop.

The workshop activity is part of the standard core of Moodle. Each student submits his or her own assignment which can be a combination of both online text and a file(s). This assignment can then be reviewed by peer reviewers.

When you add the workshop activity, you have basic components such as: description of the activity, instructions for submission and number of files that can be submitted by a student. Important options included on the overall edit settings of the workshop are whether or not you want to provide sample work for students to assess and the type of assessment to be used: Accumulative grading, Comments, Number of errors or Rubric. *The workshop may also be used as a self-assessment activity rather than a peer assessment activity.
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Implementing the workshop consists of four phases: Setup phase, Submission phase, Assessment phase and Grading evaluation phase.

One you have saved your settings for the workshop activity, you will see a screen with the following phases:

workshop tool in moodle

In the submission phase, you can choose to manually assign students to peer review groups or to have Moodle randomly assign students. The teacher has the ability to change random group assignments if necessary. You also choose how many assessments a student will make. Students receive two grades for their workshop participation: their peer assessment grade and a grade for how close they were to others in their peer review. By default these are set to 80% and 20% respectively. Again, the teacher has the ability to override any of these grades.

End-User Support for Moodle course instructors is available through our Moodle Reference Desk.

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