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Need your content secure and not able to download? We can help.

Secure Video Hosting

Secure Video Hosting

Secure for Learners

Integrate Video Hosting and LMS

Option to Integrate into LMS

Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting Opportunities

Easy Secure Video Hosting Administration and Content Management

Easy Administration and Content Management

3-Click Video Production

3-Click Video Production

Pay Per View Video Hosting

Pay Per View Option

In Video Quizzes

In Video Quizzes

Unlimited Channels Video Hosting

Unlimited Channels

Live Video Streaming

Video Streaming Recurring Events

Recurring Events

No more rushing around to set up your live stream morning news or board meetings!

Set up a recurring schedule one time and your live event will start automatically all year or whatever timeline you choose.

Video Editing in the Cloud

Video Editing in the Cloud

No more downloading your live event video, editing in some video editing software, encoding and then uploading to a video hosting portal for post-event viewing.

Auto Post Event Video Viewing

Auto Post Event Viewing

You no longer need to download your video and then upload it to your chosen video hosting channel for post-event viewing. It's all automatic and you set it up with just a few clicks when you set up your live event - whether it's a one time event or recurring.

Video Hosting with Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

We provide TV-quality closed captions for your live event. If you edit your event, the software will automatically re-caption your video to match your edited content and timeline.

Video Hosting Language Translation

Language Translation

You can choose up to 102 languages for your captions. Your viewers can choose what language you want when they watch your video.

Video Hosting Interactive features: Quizzing, Polls, Bookmarking

Great Viewing Options

Bookmark content to enable selective viewing (this is especially great for long board meetings) add quizzes and polls to gather feedback from your viewers.

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